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As of 1 September 2011 the fees for international (PCT) applications will change (see EPO Notification of EPO of 3 Augst 2011) as follows:

  • International filing fee: from EUR 999 to EUR 1 088
  • Fee per sheet in excess of 30: EUR 11 to EUR 12
  • Reductions (under the Schedule of Fees, item 4):
    • Electronic filing (the request being in character coded format) from EUR 150 to EUR 164
    • Electronic filing (in character coded format) from EUR 225 to EUR 245
  • Handling fee: from EUR 150 to EUR 164

The fees for international applications are calculated in Swiss Francs (CHF). The fee change is due to another amendment (after that of 1 January 2011) of the equivalent amounts in EUR by the International Bureau (see Official Notice in PCT Gazette of July 2011 (p. 94).

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