The EU summit (European Council) scheduled to be held in Brussels on June 28-29 is approaching, and there is some expectation that on that event there will be sort of a make-or-break decision concerning the planned EU Unitary Patent together with the treaty for creation of the EU Unified Patent Court.

It is well known that the entire problem is already politically reduced to the issue of finding a seat for the central division of the Court.

Contenders are Munich, Paris and London.

In preparation of the summit,  Mr Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, and COREPER (Committee of Permanent Representatives) are extremely busy to stage some sketch for a solution which might then get rubber-stamped by the Heads of Government conferencing in Brussels next week.

In this situation Ms Sophie Mosca reports in Europolitics that Munich seems no longer to be on the shortlist, Paris appears to be the favourite and London could win some support functions for the Paris facilities.

Of course there is no official confirmation available, and if this message is true, it is still subject to the approval of the European Council by end of next week.

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